Play Mats

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There is nothing more significant than the right developmental tools for your child. These play mats serve as the ultimate aid in nurturing growth and ensuring constructive play. They are integral to soft play setups, enhancing physical skills, sensory experiences, and cognitive development.

Versatile, robust, and dependable - our multi-use play mats provide the protection and opportunities your children deserve during their most formative years.

Invest in a play mat that stands the test of time and adventure. Order now and watch your little ones engage in the joy of play with complete peace of mind.

Create a safe and stimulating environment for children with our premier multi-use play mats. Developed through years of meticulous design, these mats are constructed to exceed your expectations and foster the development of young minds and bodies.

Our soft play mats are ideal for:

  • Homes where kids need a dedicated play area.
  • Nurseries and schools seeking quality equipment for active play.
  • Play gyms requiring professional standard soft play amenities. You might also be interested in our gym mats range.
  • Special needs facilities looking for safe, supportive play tools.

Key product features:

  • Top-Quality Materials: rugged, reinforced 610gsm2 PVC covers that can easily be removed via zips for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Impact-Absorbing Foam: We understand the rough and tumble of play. That's why we've used best-in-class high-density foam tailored to soften falls and encourage daring adventures.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Versatility: Designed for resilience, our play mats transition smoothly from indoor activities to outdoor fun, ensuring your little ones have a protective foundation wherever they choose to explore.
  • Replaceable Covers: Accidents happen, but our play mats endure them all. With replaceable covers, we ensure longevity and continual freshness, making our mats a sustainable choice.
  • Manufactured in our UK factory
  • Available in 4 colours / 180cm x 60cm x 5cm