The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Indoor Playground with Implay

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Indoor Playground with Implay

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Indoor Playground with Implay

Transform any space into a child’s play paradise… without breaking the bank Implay’s easy-to-use soft play shapes help you build a fun, adventure-filled indoor playground.


Thinking of creating a thrilling indoor playground? We’re here to help!

It can be a daunting task, but we’ve got everything you need to make it a roaring success. Here’s our ultimate guide to developing an indoor playground that’s fun, safe, and a big hit with the kids.


Safety first

It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeding kids, bathing them, or building them an exciting indoor playground – your first consideration has always got to be their safety. Take a look at the space you’re working with, and view it through the eyes of a child. What aspects of the space might they be attracted to (handles, sockets etc.)? What elements of the room could be just the wrong height?

Once you’ve carried out a thorough risk assessment, you can begin making your space as safe as possible… with a little help from Implay. Specialising in safety, we offer a range of foam mats, post protectors, and themed wall paddings so that you can prepare your space in the best possible way. Once you have a safe and secure space in which to work, you can make a start with the fun stuff! 



As you probably already know, kids have a much shorter attention span than adults. So variety is key. To stop children becoming frustrated or bored during their play session, make sure there are plenty of different things for them to interact with. This doesn’t necessarily mean having lots of distinct types of equipment. Sometimes, it can be as simple as using a mix of soft play shapes. 

When selecting the bits and pieces for your indoor playground, think about how each shape can be used, and try to incorporate a little bit of everything. For example, add in some shapes designed for two kids – like dual rockers – to help them build their social skills, along with shapes that can be used alone. How about some shapes that can be climbed on, along with some that the kids can roll around?


Age considerations

Who’s your target audience? While it’s easy to simply say ‘children’, there’s a big difference between the play needs of tiny babies and inquisitive toddlers. The age range of the kids you’re creating the indoor playground for should shape and inform your strategy, and the soft play shapes you choose. For very little ones, ball pools and soft foam mats can help them explore and learn in safe, fun ways.

For slightly bigger kids who are becoming more and more adventurous and creative, make sure there are some soft shapes in there that can be used in all sorts of different ways. Take a soft play wedge, for example. To us, it may just look like a wedge. To toddlers with active imaginations and magical curiosity, it could be a mountain they’re setting out to scale, or a slide down into the sea.



While your indoor playground doesn’t need to have a theme, a couple of themed areas can be a fun way for little ones to explore different ideas. The themes can be anything you can envision, but it’s always best to design around common interests shared by kids. One idea is to have colourful areas, with different coloured mats in each section so children can play around the rainbow.

Or you could choose to select soft play shapes with specific designs. Our animal shapes appeal to nature-loving little ones, with everything from wriggly caterpillars and funky fish, to mystical unicorns and chilled-out sea turtles. What about kids who prefer cars, bikes, and all things transport? The Implay vehicle range transforms any toddler into a famous racing driver, or even a train conductor.


Time out

We all like to have fun. But let’s be honest – we all enjoy a good rest, too! The same goes for kids. Their batteries don’t last forever, and one of the most important things you can add into any indoor playground is a place where children are able to take some time out to recharge. Consider building these less stimulating spaces into your design so kids can play a little more quietly.

Some basic, colourful foam mats are a good starting point, as kids can still enjoy the bright colours while taking some time away from the more interactive equipment. Another really good idea is to add in some soft foam seating. Implay seats come in a range of vibrant designs which still appeal to little ones, without being too overpowering. Plus, they’re easy to wipe clean, which can be a big help.


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